Tanning Care for Huntington Beach Customers

When you get an airbrush tan by Bronze on the Glo, your skin will look radiant for weeks. To help maintain the beauty of your new organic tan, we offer these tips before and after the process.

Pre Tan Care

When tanning for a special event or occasion, we recommend to schedule your custom airbrush tan a day or two before. Our tanning solution contains cosmetic bronzers that give you immediate natural looking color. The best tan develops 6-8 hours after your initial application. We often suggest tanning in the evening and waiting until the morning to rinse off the bronzing solution if possible. Also, please keep in mind your beauty plan when making your appointment. Facials, massages, and exfoliating manicures and pedicures are best done before tanning in order to prevent uneven wear of your tan.

It is extremely important to always start with a clean, fresh layer of skin. Exfoliating your whole body 24 hours before your tan will help ensure a longer lasting, even tan. Please be sure to avoid any oil based products and focus on rough areas, such as the knees and elbows.

On the day of your appointment, avoid any deodorants, perfumes, and any lotions. Excess oils can prevent absorption of the tanning solution during the application. If tanning your face, you will want to avoid any makeup.

We are definitely not shy! You may tan in as much or as little as you would like. Please keep in mind that whatever you wear will leave a tan mark. We do provide disposable thongs to all of our clients.

Post- Tan Care

Once your tan is complete, you will be safe to dress immediately after. We recommend that you wear loose-fitting clothing, such as baggy PJ pants and a loose shirt, or a loose maxi dress. No tights, leggings or jeans. You want to prevent rubbing and uneven wear until after your first shower. Please be aware that the tanning solution contains a cosmetic bronzer that may transfer to your clothing. While this is unlikely, there is a risk of staining, so we suggest wearing dark colored clothing.

The longer you are able to wait to rinse off, the better your spray tan will develop. We recommend waiting 6-8 hours before showering or getting wet. (PLEASE AVOID GETTING ANY WATER ON YOUR TAN IN THE FIRST 6 HOURS) Working out or any activity that will make you sweat can cause streaking in your initial bronze, so please avoid the gym or any other strenuous activity until after your first shower. For maximum results, leave on for 8-10 hours.

Woman In Bikini - Tanning Services in Huntington Beach, CA
When showering, use a gentle cleanser and avoid exfoliating until you are ready for your next tan. Exfoliating encourages skin renewal and should only be done pre-tan.

Keeping your skin hydrated will hold a spray tan longer, as well as, ensure an even flawless fade. When moisturizing, use a paraben-free, and alcohol free lotion daily for a minimum of one week.
After your tan, you will need to wear loose-fitting clothing. Wait for at least eight hours after tanning to take a shower or swim. You can moisturize after your first shower. Continue to apply a moisturizer every day to maintain the glow of your sunless tan. To learn more about getting and caring for a healthy, custom airbrush tan, contact us at Bronze on the Glo today.